New Partners for Smart Growth Conference

This year’s theme for the 15th Annual New Partners for Smart Growth is “Practical Tools and Innovative Strategies for Creating Great Communities.”  

The conference is going to take place in Portland, Oregon which will be an excellent opportunity to highlight all the great projects happening in this region.  

From a summary provided in the June 4th e-bulletin from the APA Sustainable Communities Division: The call for session proposals for the conference is open through June 30th, 2015 and proposals must be submitted online.  This year Session Proposers will be able to collaborate with others through the online submittal system in advance of submitting their proposal. Among other topics, session organizers are looking for: sessions that feature practical tools and innovative strategies, as well as new technologies; good examples of community/neighborhood-driven revitalization that include creative visioning, design and financing driven by the local community and or impacted neighborhoods; and sessions that ensure “the role of the arts in place-making”.

Got a project idea and want to collaborate?  Get in touch with me and let’s talk!